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Control valve T-KRM2

NBM Group

Nominal diameter: DN 50−500 (from 2″ to 20″)

Connection: flanged, welded

Nominal pressure: PN 16−420 (ANSI 150−2500)

Working temperature: from -100°C to +540°C

Flow characteristics: linear, equal percentage

Body shape: straight-way, angle

Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, cold resistant alloy steel, other materials are available per request

Actuator: pneumatic — spring-diaphragm, piston, single-acting and double-acting; electric; manual

Seal: metall, polymer

Tightness: class IV ANSI/FCI 70−2−2006, optional — class A GOST 9544−2015/EN 12266−1, classes V, VI ANSI/FCI 70−2−2006

Basic options: anti-cavitation/anti-noise versions of valves, wide range of capacities, cryogenic version; with heating jacket; other options on request.

Cage-guided control valves are designed for installation as shut-off and control devices in the process lines of chemical, petrochemical, oil, oil refining, gas and other industries.

NBM Group
61 Nekhinskaya st., Velikiy Novgorod, Russia.
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