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About us

The existing production facilities and qualified personnel, knowledge of the market, products, experience in its manufacture, promotion and sales, a close-knit workforce predetermine the opportunity and provide conditions for the further successful development of existing and newly created enterprises by combining them. The commercial partnership of companies operating in the same industry created in order to ensure economic stability and increase the volume of orders by increasing the efficiency of the available material and technical resources and personnel should provide a sufficiently flexible approach to working with various customers, maximally satisfying their most diverse and often contradictory technical and commercial requirements (import substitution, localization, European quality, reasonable prices, reasonable delivery times, comfortable payment terms, prompt service).


  • Constant and continuous growth in the quality and range of products supplied.
  • Expansion of the client and partner base.
  • Creation of a highly effective team of professionals, while maintaining the continuity of generations and constantly increasing the effectiveness of the use of special and general knowledge, including the creation of a system for training and retraining of specialists.

The main activities

  • Serial production of standard pipeline valves by ourselves.
  • Delivery of complex technological valves from other countries with the maximum level of localization.
  • Service maintenance, supply of spare parts.

Legal structure of NBM Group

To optimize the joint efforts of affiliated organizations, territorially registered in Velikiy Novgorod, in 2018 the management of the companies and the owners made a joint decision to create a single center for the provision of complex services in the field of valve engineering, including design, implementation in production, technical support, manufacture, adjustment, testing, delivery of equipment, as well as its warranty and post-warranty service, under a single commercial name — NBM Group.

NBM Group includes the following legal entities:

Asset management company “NBM”

Est. — May 29, 2019.

The holding’s management company is created to carry out activities aimed at improving production efficiency and increasing the competitiveness of each enterprise of the group.


Est. — December 01, 2005.

Production and supply of high-tech shut-off, safety and control valves. Optimal engineering solutions corresponding to operating conditions and customer requirements. Technical support and training of the customer’s specialists, installation supervision, warranty and post-warranty service.


Est. — August 14, 2014.

Production of in-house designed control valves.


Est. — December 23, 2010.

Complex supplies of shut-off, on-off, control and safety valves. Optimal technical solutions, high quality products and reliability of equipment supplies for various operating conditions.

JC Rus

Est. — April 24, 2018.

JC Rus, LLC is a Russian-Spanish joint venture. The company manufactures and supplies shut-off, on-off, control, check valves and pneumatic actuators.

Industrial company “Karar”

Est. — November 03, 2017.

Procurement of components of Russian and foreign manufacturers for the needs of the group of companies for manufacture of its own products as well as specialized supplies of quick-action line blinds manufactured by ONIS (France).


Est. — May 15, 2009.

Comprehensive services at IT field.

NBM Group
61 Nekhinskaya st., Velikiy Novgorod, Russia.
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