61 Nekhinskaya st., Velikiy Novgorod, Russia


Assisting our customers in realization of their right to work in comfortable and safe conditions is the top priority of NBM Group. We offer our partners opportunity to get the widest range of high-quality equipment at best prices while ensuring optimal equipment selection, supply stability and high-quality service.

Two-level management system

Two-level management system of NBM Group allows to define the main directions of development and priority tasks in the market at the external level, and to implement them in direct activities of each company within a frame of global partnership.

Quality, Reliability, Reputation

Due to superior operational performance, high quality of equipment and strict fulfillment of contractual obligations, design and manufacture of new products using up-to-date technologies and equipment, as well as endeavor for further development, NBM Group has gained solid reputation in the markets of oil and gas, chemical and energy industries.

Quality management system, implemented and brought into use by NBM Group, which complies with requirements of ISO and current legislation, establishes not only high requirements for products, but also requirements for interaction with customers, suppliers and employees. Legal entities included into NBM Group are steadily increasing the efficiency of quality management system, improving every business process.

Customer-oriented approach

Under current economic conditions, Russian companies need to develop, implement and produce high-quality, high-performance equipment that can compete with imported products.

To fulfill this requirement, the priority tasks are: marketing research, development of design and process flow documentation, which are used to manufacture our own products manufacturing, acceptance tests carrying out, certification and market promotion.

NBM Group endeavor not only to create and supply up-to-date, reliable and easy-to-use equipment, but also to provide a full range of services.


  • Constant and continuous growth in quality and range of supplied products.
  • Expansion of client and partner network.
  • Maintaining continuity of generations due to availability of experienced team of professionals and organized system of training and retraining of specialists, as well as a constant focus on increasing the effectiveness of applying general and special knowledge.

Partnership development

NBM Group strategy is partnership strategy!

Stability and reliability of partnership relations is one of top priorities of NBM Group. Employees maintain and improve partnership relations with customers, giving them opportunity to develop their business by applying our equipment and receiving the highest quality service.

NBM Group successfully collaborates with leading design institutes and engineering companies involved in construction and reconstruction of oil and gas production and processing facilities, chemical and energy plants.

Results-driven approach

The priority of NBM Group is optimization and diversification of production for its successful development in modern conditions. Efficient use of production facilities, optimal quantity and quality of production equipment, continuous development of personnel should ensure manufacture of products within the shortest possible time, at competitive prices and with impeccable quality. Introduction of new technologies, creation of new products which meet the customer’s requirements best of all, prompt response to changes in market conditions - these are the principles that ensure onward progress of NBM Group.

NBM Group
61 Nekhinskaya st., Velikiy Novgorod, Russia.
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