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In-house production / On-off valves

ZSh knife gate valve

Purpose: shut-off valves, optionally — control valves

Manufacturing: TU TARM.491549.020

Nominal diameter: DN 50−1200

models with two-way flow of medium:
— ZSh1 (monoflange with screwed-in studs)
— ZSh2 (flanged between flanges)
— ZSh3 (flanged)
— ZSh4 (lug type)
models with one side medium flow:
— ZSh5 (monoflanged with screw-in studs);
— ZSh6 (interflanged)
— ZSh7 (flanged)
— ZSh8 (lug type)

Nominal pressure: PN 6−20

Working temperature: from -20 to +20°С

Body material: carbon steel, low alloy steel, corrosion-resistant steel, cast iron

Actuator: pneumatic, electric, manual

Seals: metal, EPDM, PTFE

Tightness: classes A, AA, B, C, CC, D, E, EE, F, G according to GOST 9544−2015

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