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Service Center

Service Center of JSC Energomash has been providing services for maintenance of pipeline valves for more than nine years. Since its formation efficiency, safety and reliability are the basic principles of our work. We are constantly improving our Service Center not only in regard to its technological infrastructure, but we also carry out advanced training of our service engineers.

JSC Energomash is the authorized service center for LESER products on the territory of the Russian Federation, and it offers services involving supply of original spare parts, calibration, maintenance, repair of LESER equipment, providing guarantee for the work performed.

We are ready to become your reliable partner for many years and to maintain failure-free operation of pipeline valves at your enterprise.

The service center provides the following services:

  • repair, calibration of safety valves;
  • diagnostics of valve tightness without removal from the pipeline;
  • assistance in budgeting of shutdown maintenance, based upon recommended spare parts of our manufacturer partners;
  • training of our customer’s personnel in work with equipment supplied by JSC Energomash;
  • repair and recondition of wedge gate valves, on-off valves and ball valves;
  • prolongation of warranty period for the valves supplied by us.
Service center
Telephone Full name Position
+7 (8162) 500−610 Kireev Sergey Mikhailovich Deputy Technical Director, Head of service department
+7 921 729-13-63 Morozov Oleg Vladimirovich Service engineer
+7 (8162) 500−610 Radchenko Artem Sergeevich Spare parts and services sales manager

Non-destructive testing laboratory services

Since June 7, 2019 non-destructive testing laboratory of JSC Energomash provides services involving checking equipment and materials with non-destructive testing methods at the facilities controlled by Rostekhnadzor:

  • Gas supply systems (gas distribution systems):
    — external steel gas pipelines.
  • Equipment for oil and gas industry:
    — equipment of gas and oil pumping stations;
    — gas and oil products pipelines.
  • Equipment for explosion, fire and chemically hazardous industries:
    — equipment for chemical, petrochemical and oil refineries operating under pressure up to 16 MPa;
    — equipment for chemical, petrochemical and oil refineries operating under pressure above 16 MPa;
    — technological pipelines, steam and hot water pipelines.

For the following types (methods) of non-destructive testing:

  • Ultrasonic:
    — Ultrasonic defectoscopy
    — Ultrasonic thickness measurement
  • Dye penetrant inspection:
    — Capillary
    — Visual and dimensional

Non-destructive testing laboratory meets the requirements of PB 03−372−00 “Certification rules and basic requirements for non-destructive testing laboratories”, which is confirmed by certificate No. 03A050288 dated 06/07/2019, issued by an independent certification body for non-destructive testing laboratory in Scientific and Technical Center LLC “Expert “, Moscow.

The control is performed by highly qualified specialists certified in accordance with PB 03−440−02 “Attestation rules for nondestructive inspection personnel”, who regularly undergo trainings and upgrade their qualification in specialized certification centers.

Non-destructive testing laboratory is fitted with equipment that meets up-to-date requirements in the field of quality control:

  • ultrasonic devices (ultrasonic flaw detector “Skaruch +”, series “Scanner”, ultrasonic thickness gauge “Bulat 3”);
  • capillary line and penetrants “MAGNAFLUX”, with sensitiveness class 2.
Non-destructive testing laboratory
Telephone Full name Position
+7 (8162) 500−636 ext. 244, +7 921 192-94-13 Kuzmin Nikolay Alexandrovich Head of Laboratory

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