61 Nekhinskaya st., Velikiy Novgorod, Russia
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Joint Stock Company

Joint Stock Company “NBM” implements package deliveries of high-quality pipeline valves manufactured at the factories of well-known European companies.

The company offers optimal technical solutions regarding pipeline valves application in different operating conditions. The main customers of JSC “NBM” are the biggest enterprises in oil, gas, chemical and energy industries.

Implementation of big complex projects is carried out in close cooperation with JSC “Energomash” (Velikiy Novgorod).

+7 (8162) 500–612

61 Nekhinskaya st., Velikiy Novgorod, 173021, Russia

NBM Group
61 Nekhinskaya st., Velikiy Novgorod, Russia.
NBM Group phone: +7 8162 50-10-50 fax: +7 8162 50-10-50 email: office@nbmgroup.ru